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Product Description

100*50mm Rectangular PVC NFT Channel Farming Vertical A NFT Hydroponic Grow System 


Product Description:

Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system are especially suitable for leafy vegetables, various lettuce.

1.Easy assembled , convenient and time-saving.

2.Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics

3.Meet many type of growing media, including Expanded clay pellets, Perlite, and coconut coir.

4.All the growing conditions can be controlled with hydroponics system

5.Stable and high productivity with NFT gully

6.Plants grow healthier and easy to harvest

Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system 100*50mm nft channel advantages: 

  • Depth is 55mm to allow roots to touch more oxygen.
  • Save water and fertilizer 80%.
  • Water will flow in centre part (30mm width) only, this will save much water & fertilizer, even when the plant is small, it won’t die cause lack of water. 
  • Bear 80kgs weight with no deformation.
  •  Anti-UV, environmentally friendly material, heavy metal free
  • Life time is more than 10 years
  • Suitable for leaf vegetable, various kinds of lettuce
  • The channel cover is removable, you can easily open it and clean the channel.
  • Suitable for all leafy vegetable hydroponic growing such as lettuce ,kale ,basil ,tomato and so on.
  • The channel wall thickness- 2 mm.

Specification of Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system

Item Name Hydroponic NFT Channel 
Size 100*50mm
Material safe Virgin PVC
Thickness 2.0mm / 1.8mm
Length 2.9M 3.0M or 5.8M or Customized
Application Agriculture Planting
Sample Available
Shipping Way Express ,by Sea ,By Air

Product Details with different nft channel system design:
Type 1: Vertica “A” Type Hydroponic System:
Popular design in NFT system with easy installation.

1.Make better use of the space to increase yield of vegetables.

2. Design the direction of the metal rack according to direction and sunshine.
3. A type is suitable for small and medium size greenhouse.
4. Also suitable for indoor planting, only using LED grow light.

Type2:Horizontal Type NFT Channel System
Most commonly design in NFT system. 1.Sufficient sunlight, better air circulation.
2. No directional restrictions for the metal rack, easy installation.
3.Low labour cost, easy to manage planting and picking.
4. Especially suitable for hydroponics planting in large scale.

Type3: Indoor Farming Vertical NFT Channel System with LED grow light 

Type 4: Intensive removed nft channel system :

More NFT Channel Project Shows : 

NFT Channel Hydroponic Advantages of the Slop bottom design with openable cover lid:

1. Improve the roots growing environment.

2. Promote the roots to grow fast.

3. Reduce the pump load.

4. save water and fertillizer 80%.

5. easy to clean up.

Accessories with channel end cap and channle joint :

Factory show:


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Usage: Production Greenhouse, Growing Vegetables
Size: Large
Cover Material: Film
Layer: Single
Product Name: Hydroponics Nft Channel
Application: Hydroponics, Aeroponics
US$ 2.8/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)

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u joint

How to Determine the Correct U Joint Size and Configuration

A u-joint is a mechanical connector that allows lateral and side-to-side movement of a driveshaft or axle. Despite their flexibility, u-joints are expensive to replace and repair. Fortunately, there are ways to determine the correct u-joint size and configuration.

u-joints are flexible mechanical connectors

U-joints are flexible mechanical connector components that serve a variety of purposes. They are most commonly made of steel, though they can be made of stainless steel or alloyed steel for greater temperature and torque capacities. Plastics, however, can also be used to make u-joints for applications that require electrical or magnetic insulation. There are several types of u-joints, including solid hub and bored styles. Bored styles have a circular or hex-shaped hole while solid hub styles don’t have one. Splined u-joints are also known as keyed joints because they have longitudinal grooves inside the bore, which prevent rotation.
U-joints are a common type of universal joint that helps cars and trucks move freely between the front and rear axle. The mechanical connection between the two axles is crucial for vehicle performance, and u-joints help compensate for this misalignment. Typically, they are located at either end of a drive shaft. Regardless of the application, the mechanical flexibility of u-joints is essential for smooth torque delivery.
While universal joints don’t normally go bad, they can be damaged. If left unattended, universal joints can make some vehicles unsafe or unable to move. Understanding how universal joints work can help you prevent the need for expensive repairs. Fortunately, u-joint failure is usually gradual.
A universal joint is a versatile mechanical connector used in a variety of applications. Unlike a flanged joint, a u-joint is flexible and can easily be positioned to withstand varying alignments. Its two-sided locking mechanism prevents leaks and allows a watertight seal.
While flexible mechanical connectors can be a great choice for many applications, they can suffer from shaft misalignment, which can shorten their life span. A universal joint is designed to handle large angular misalignment and has the ability to compensate for these misalignments. It also offers precision positioning and minimal backlash.
A universal joint can transmit a continuous 20 in-lbs of torque, but it must be operated at a 15 degree angle and must run at a 600-rpm speed. The operating angle and speed must be aligned so that the center member’s yoke ears are a proper fit. These angles can cause the output torque to vary and can negatively affect the performance of a system.
Another type of universal joint is the double-Hooke joint. It involves two Hooke’s joints that are connected by a shaft. A shaft in the middle eliminates discrepancies in velocity and angular dislocation. A 100% true constant-velocity joint is the Birfield joint. This type of joint ensures even torque transfer rates.
The screwed connection has greater deformation capacity than plastic or adhesive joints. In fact, it can withstand up to 6.4 times more force than a PST or a PTS connection. Another difference between these two types is the ductility of the joints.
u joint

They allow for lateral and side-to-side movement of the driveshaft or axle

A U joint is a part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that allows lateral and side-to-side movement. A u-joint consists of a cross that is rigid and angled at 45deg, with one of its ends running parallel to the driving shaft. The other end, known as the driven side, is angled at 90deg. The two ends of the u-joints rotate with the driveshaft or axle.
A U joint is also called a universal joint. It connects a driveshaft to an axle or a transmission. It is often used on trucks and automobiles. It is a cross-shaped piece with bearings on either side that allows for lateral and side-to-side movement of a driveshaft or axle.
A U joint may be angled to cancel rotational vibration or to allow lateral movement. If it is angled too far, the U-joint may cause the axle or pinion to move sideways. To correct this, it is necessary to adjust the angle of the pinion.
Moreover, a U joint can cause a knocking or clunking sound after engagement. This happens because the u-joint trunnion is not tightly connected to the driveshaft or axle. This leads to excessive play at the joint and causes it to wear out.
CV joints are more durable and absorb shock more efficiently because they distribute the load over a larger area. Standard U-joints have small roller bearings that don’t roll well without lubrication. CV joints, on the other hand, feature large roller balls in a channel. They are used mainly on front-wheel drive cars.
U joints are also available as rebuildable components. If they fail, they can be rebuilt by replacing bushings, seals and clips. These types of components are more expensive than over-the-counter options, but they are 10 times stronger than inferior joints. However, they require high-quality axle shafts.
In contrast to conventional u-joints, these components allow for a greater degree of flexibility than the conventional type. In addition, off-set trunnions set the mating yokes at a greater distance than conventional joints do. This allows for a greater droop angle at the axle and prevents binding of the universal joint.
While they are very important for proper drive vehicle functioning, u-joints are not immune to rust. A common cause of failure is loss of lubrication. Original equipment joints usually lack grease fittings, and replacement units often have a zerk that is difficult to reach. Eventually, this can lead to crumbling needle bearings in the cups over the trunnions.
There are two common types of u-joints: 1310 and 297X. 1310 joints are used in most Jeep applications, while 297X u-joints are used in most Dana 44 and Corporate 10 bolt axles.
u joint

They are costly to repair

U joints are costly to repair and replace. A replacement can cost as much as $260, including labor and parts. The cost will vary depending on the location and type of vehicle. However, the average cost should fall in the range of $125 to $200. This cost does not include taxes and fees.
Although universal joints are designed to last for a long time, it’s likely that your vehicle will need replacements sooner or later. For instance, a vehicle that only gets driven for a few years may only need one replacement, while a vehicle that is several years old may require several replacements.
Repairing a U joint can be expensive if you go to a mechanic, but you can save a lot of money by replacing it yourself. You can purchase tools that can help you with the job, including a socket wrench and needle nose pliers. You can also make the job more convenient by buying your own tools.
When a U joint malfunctions, it can cause serious issues for the driveline. A broken U-joint can cause the driveshaft to dislocate and break. If this happens, it can cause the car to stop transferring power to the wheels. It may also lead to the breakdown of a vehicle’s transmission, which increases the cost of repair.
If you have a U-joint problem, it can cost you thousands of dollars. The worst case scenario is a U-joint failure mid-drive, which invites an accident. Repairing a U-joint could prevent a catastrophic accident that can cause more serious damage.
U-joints get a lot of work from the drivetrain when a vehicle is in motion. U-joints wear out faster if a vehicle is used for hauling or off-roading. For this reason, they need to be replaced more often than a vehicle that simply travels on a regular basis. To get the best deal on a replacement, purchase an OEM model.
It is important to keep your U-joint lubricated at all times. Without proper lubrication, the bearings in the u-joint can fail prematurely and lead to a more expensive repair. You should also consider servicing your bearings if they are starting to deteriorate.
A U-joint is a universal part of a car that connects the rear axle to the transmission. These universal joints are usually found in pairs on a vehicle’s driveshaft. These joints help compensate for misalignments in the rear axle. Without these joints, the rear axle would bind on bumps.
To repair a U-joint, you should remove the caps and disassemble the yoke. Ideally, the cap should be able to wiggle out. If not, you should try applying penetrating fluid overnight. Once the U-joint is disassembled, you can use a special tool to separate it.
China high quality China Greenhouse Big Farm Aeroponics System PVC Pipe Hydroponic System   manufacturer China high quality China Greenhouse Big Farm Aeroponics System PVC Pipe Hydroponic System   manufacturer
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