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Universal joint, also known as cross joint, is a mechanical part to realize variable angle power transmission. It is used to change the position of the transmission axis direction. It is a “joint” part of the universal transmission device of the automobile drive system.

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The cross shaft rigid universal joint is a kind of non constant velocity universal joint widely used in automobiles. The maximum intersection angle of two adjacent shafts is allowed to be 15 degrees to 20 degrees. The cross shaft is one of the key parts of the cross shaft rigid universal joint.

matters needing attention

(1) Collision and stacking pressure shall be avoided during disassembly, handling and storage.

(2) The vehicle inertia should not be used to start the engine to avoid impact.

(3) Avoid jerking up the clutch pedal and shift smoothly.

(4) Try to make the transmission in neutral or clutch in separation state when the vehicle is braking to prevent transmission overload.

(5) Frequently check the sealing condition of intermediate support bearing, cross shaft bearing and sliding spline, and timely replace the failed oil seal. Always inject grease. In order to fully lubricate each bearing of universal joint, the lubricating oil must be squeezed out from the oil seal of each bearing. When lubricating the intermediate support bearing, it should be extruded from the vent hole of the front bearing cover.

(6) Frequently check and fasten the connecting bolts of the transmission shaft and supporting parts.


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Universal joints can be widely used in all types of power transmission systems. They have many applications. They can be used in food processing equipment to replace expensive gearboxes and drives. In addition, they are often used to connect the power take-off drive shafts in off-road tractors, which operate traction machines such as tractor mowers and forages. Grinding machine.

Universal joints are often called U-joints. In addition, it can also be called universal coupling, universal joint and hooker joint.

Universal joints can be specified in one of three categories: non constant velocity U-joints, near constant velocity U-joints or constant velocity U-joints. For the second type, the most common joint types that produce near constant velocity include two back-to-back universal joints, the second of which compensates for the first. Third: constant velocity U-joint. It is said that because of its constant speed characteristics, compared with the other two types of joints, this kind of joint can work more smoothly and at a higher speed.

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